Into Tyurendor

by Theoroth



Album bonus contains doc-file with lore of world of Theoroth and three bonus tracks - cover "Nightshade Forests" Summoning and two track what re-recorded, re-arranged and was released under the name Зимний Дракон


released August 10, 2016

WV - Vocals, music and lyrics

Session members:
Rabor - acoustic guitars (3)
Valter - guitars (2, 3, 5, 6, 7)

Cover-art by Tod

Thx to Dantalion (from Caligo) for lyric translate and cover compilation; thx to Raev (from Raevjager) for friendly support; thx to Mrak Mstivoi (from Voronmrak and Uvodna) for lyric on first track; and of course thx my session guitarists - Valter and Rabor!



all rights reserved
Track Name: Into The Northland
Lyrics in russian

"Где-то на краю мира, среди бесконечных ледяных пустынь, под необъятным вечносерым зловещим небом лежат Дальние Северные земли, там, где лед выморозил почву, ниспровергаясь в необозримые холодные каверны…
Там ели кривыми ветвями стараются удержаться за острые скалы под порывами чудовищного ветра, но падают в ущелья, оставляя непроходимые буреломы…
Над бескрайними просторами вековечного льда, того, что был до начала мира, того же, что будет и после его конца, завывает и глумится вьюга, рассыпая колючее крошево над вершинами гор, что пронзают острыми пиками небеса, вечно окутанные непроглядными туманами…
Случайный путник, оказавшийся здесь, пройдет по каменистым тропам над отвесными обрывами, головокружительно глубокими пропастями, уходящими во чрево земли, среди теснин, покрытых непролазными чащами… Бурные реки оглушат его перекатами, ворочающими глыбами и уносящими их к далекому Океану.
Там, где иногда буря дает передышку, и открываются взору вечные звезды, освещает холодные небеса таинственное сияние, подобное огню драконов, слепящее и уводящее неосторожных в ледяную пустыню, где они находят свою погибель.
Если же путник пройдет через холодные скалы и выйдет на каменное плато, то по легенде, ему откроется Исдоврат, крепость ледяных драконов, пришедших из Холоднейшей Бездны, и навсегда слившихся с метелями в промерзших залах с головокружительно высокими колоннами, где они дремлют и ждут своего часа, когда мириады призрачных крылатых теней сокрушат все на своем пути…"


"Somewhere on the end of the world, between endless icy deserts, under the immense evergray sinister sky the Distant Northern lands lie, where ice had frozen the soil, subverting into vast cold caverns...
Where the fir-trees hold on sharp rocks with their curved branches, trying not to fall under the monstrous wind gusts, but eventually fall into the canyons, leaving impenetrable windfalls.
Above the endless plains of the everlasting ice, the one that was before the birth of the world, the same one that will remain after its death, a snowstorm howls, scattering the prickly flakes above the mountain tops, that pierce the skies as sharp pikes, always embraced by pitch-dark fog...
An occasional traveler, once in these lands, will walk the rocky trails over steep cliffs, dizzyingly deep breakages leading to the heart of the earth, among the narrow passages covered with impassable thikets... Rough rivers will stun him with rifts able to roll boulders and carry them away to the distand Ocean.
Where at times the storm subsides and opens to the eye a view of the eternal stars a misterious glow lights up the cold skies, like fire of the dragons, blinding and carrying away the unwary in the icy desert, where eventually they find their doom.
If a traveler passes through the cold rocks and exits on stone plateau, then according to the legend, a view on the Isdovrath fortress will open to him, a stronghold of icy dragons, who came from the Coldest Void and forever merged with the snowstorms in the frozen halls with dizzyingly tall columns, where they lie dormant and await their time, when myriads of winged ghostly shadows will crush everything in their way..."
Track Name: Ice Armies From The Forgotten Stronghold
Fog rises from the depths
Of the mountains' stone armor.
Frozen eyes are watching
Through the snowy walls.

A thousand sighs shrouded the sky,
The night and cold descend on the ground.
Waves and flashes, the eyes shine
With icy thoughts, the ancient fortress burns.

In the winter shining of dreams
In the blue flame
The immortal are rising
From the forgotten stronghold.

Swalowing fields and forests with it's shadow
The stream of cold aims away.
From the armor of ancient mountains,
From the rocks shining white...

A thousand sighs shrouded the sky,
The night and cold embrace the earth.
A glance that pierces the ages
With icy thoughts, and the fortress is empty...
Track Name: A Land Dwells In Ice
The fragile frost dances in circles,
The stones are split by ice.
My heart has stopped,
The earth ceased to pulse with life.

Bound by ice are the labyrinths,
Of specular woods.
The sharp blades of the trees,
Sparkle as the night sky.

Death lies in the whiteness of the fog,
The sky is overcast and the Sun sleeps.
Cold beams sometimes fall,
And melt in the timelessness of days.

Nights longs as the ages,
The veins of rivers are still.
This land dwells in ice,
There is nothing left here…
Track Name: Song Of Nordic Warriors
Track Name: Inhaling The Cold
...And so the gods discended from the skies
Impenetrable nights flare up
Highlighted by millions of flames
On the horizon.

Torches of the dying trees...
Endless clangs and rumble...
Sleepless centuries,
And the fading heat...

The mountains melt into dirt
Snow and ruins, dust and blood.

But the northern wind howls in the darkness,
The wings tremble in the night...
Inhaling the cold of our blades
With the blood of gods we paint the fields.

Legions of sturdy horses,
In glacial armour
Fall from the mountains like an avalanche,
Smashing the demons with their cry of victory.

Inhaling the cold of all Tyurendor,
We break the prophesies!
Track Name: Road Covered By Snow
Road Covered By Snow
Feeling so cold...
As a long i fall...
Road washed by blood,
Hanged million.
Dead long ago gods...
Whisper all words,
In last cold sleep, dream, sin...
Road to winter!
Track Name: The Freezing Stars