Darkness Never Fades

by Theoroth



Album bonus contains bonus track cover on Haddaway - What Is Love.

Cover art by Tod (editing by AlvaSet)
Translate Lyrics - Igor Mardarov (Caligo)
Begging of 2 track based on music by Raevjager



released June 22, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Darkness Never Fades
The alley of hanged kings,
Pierced by the swords of the plague.
The wind is filled with cries,
Of the dying women.

A temple of souls locked away,
In a spectral mirror,
Caries the reflection of a view,
Of the dead children.

The time, when the deed is failed.
The time, when the ashes cover all.
The light, devoured by the black spirits
The light, in the bone crests of the outgoing…

The hand of the dead dragon
In the plague wind of autumn.
In the swords of black spirits,
On the banners of countless hordes…

They are approaching…

The heroes’ last outpost
The legends lied to them.
For light inevitably dies out
And darkness never fades.
Track Name: When Tales Are Just A Lie
In shining armor flies
A hundred of mighty knights.
Sons of kings and archmages,
Striking the evil.

With swords carving sparks
From the dragon bones.
With steel they write down
Their names.

In the chronicles of eternity...

With blood of the beats the acts are washed,
With protection of the innocent, sanctity is bound
A new dawn in the dying world
Shall come and the sun will never die out.

But eternity is an opened mouth...

The crunch of broken bodies
In the clutches of primeval beings.
Legions of godless lords
Will take everyone with them.

Dissected heads, like a staircase
To the thrones of pain and torture.
Dominion is war,
Carving words from tales.

When tales are just a lie.
Track Name: Abandoned Shrine
Track Name: Natt
Through the flames into the ash,
Eternity is lost.
My identity is wiped away!

The crimson stone
Has flood the night with blood

Through the rustle of the wind
And unknown voices
...Through the soil, the grave
Gives birth to bones anew.

The lake's mirror
Tares apart the heart.

In the slough of madness burns
A new flame and cinder.
Tossed in the wind
Approaching the world.

In the flame of betrayal,
In the dance of dragon souls
Above the torches of black banners
The dragon Natt burned a whole world!
Track Name: Fading Magic
Passing through the portals,
Closing oak doors.
Under the canopy of branches,
From times long past.

I feel,
As I fall in the sand,
Time poisoning the mind.
I'm falling down,
The age carving a statue,
On a future grave.

From staves,
And a myriad of lines.
The force and magic leaves
Through hundreds of worlds.

I'm running away, but not from reality ...

Encased in stone.
A wonderful region is in flames
Of the setting suns,
And eternal moons.

I'm running away to where I am ...