A Hymn For Horned King​\​Cursed By Bonethrone (Split)

by Theoroth

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"Nobody knows where the Bonethrone stands. Hardly you will sit on it, rather stand between two huge walls. Those walls are it's armrests. Yes indeed, during the countless centuries of it's hideous activity the throne grew strong, feeding on souls of the naive fools, who thought they would change their lives with it's help. The throne gives you unseen knowledge in Death - after that you will also know life. It allows to speak in unheard dialects. Using this along with new knowledge - it opens new paths in any doings. The majority did well-known things - war, revenge and other tributes to Death.
Stories of those cursed by the Bonethrone are much alike and equaly deserve hatred and compassion. When the wishes of those who swear to the Bonethrone are granted, they either give away their souls (which is mentioned from the start, but who will agree to do something like that?) - or gives something equal in return. Commonly, the Bonethrone's desires are so twisted and inadequate in rpice, that many give away their essence without any agreement and will. And with each absorbed soul, grows the number of bones appearing on the throne.
Since the human foolishness has no age - the Throne has reached such gigantic sizes through the centuries, that it could become a fitting place for some god to sit..."
(c) From story of Bonethrone

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released March 29, 2016

Rus - Everything

WV - Everything
Valter - session clean vocals on "Cursed By Bonethrone. Part 2"



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Track Name: Cursed By Bonethrone. Part 1
From the depths of ages, with roaring drums
Comes the voice of ancient legends.
The gnashing voices of the dead
That try to sing the tale...

Here, surrounded by memories,
Under thousands of eyes.
Between faces twisted in agony
I reminisce the fall...

Healing of the soul - is the way,
I have crossed all the roads,
Pillaged all the sages
And always remained a fool.


Cursed! By the Bonethrone!
My friends and foes left me.
And the empire fell.

In an attempt to become the saviour
I have lost myself,
One leprous soul
Turned to be the flame of agony.

Healing of the flesh - is the way,
I have passed all the roads.
Denounced all the sinners,
And remained stained in blood.

Hordes of icy ravens enter the dream
Filling the halls and dungeons

Behind the darkness of wings I can't see the Moon,
My nights turning into nightmares...

Cursed! By the Bonethrone!"

I've denounced all the sinners,
And remained stained in blood.
In an attempt to become the saviour
I have lost myself

Face to face with eternity...
Track Name: Cursed By Bonethrone. Part 2
The streams of life - a clenched fist,
They crawl throuth the flowing dust.
Down, to the threshold of night,
Under the forest and mountains porch.

The shapes are melting, the faces twist,
A storm is born in the skies
Omnipotence became powerless,
The sword crashed down on the stairs.

He collapsed from fear,
Fell in the ashes of his troops.
Down, away from darkness,
But it embraces him.

The streams of life - a clenched fist,
The tower's glass tears my face.
It hits the ground, into the dark,
It embraces my remains...

And takes away into the depths. I am cursed.
A black ravens storm, on the wings of night
Raises my soul into an eternity of ash,
Under the weight of sin, it withers away...