Inhaling The Cold

from by Theoroth



...And so the gods discended from the skies
Impenetrable nights flare up
Highlighted by millions of flames
On the horizon.

Torches of the dying trees...
Endless clangs and rumble...
Sleepless centuries,
And the fading heat...

The mountains melt into dirt
Snow and ruins, dust and blood.

But the northern wind howls in the darkness,
The wings tremble in the night...
Inhaling the cold of our blades
With the blood of gods we paint the fields.

Legions of sturdy horses,
In glacial armour
Fall from the mountains like an avalanche,
Smashing the demons with their cry of victory.

Inhaling the cold of all Tyurendor,
We break the prophesies!


from Into Tyurendor, released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved